Aloha from Oahu

I’ve never been all that anxious about visiting Hawaii. I’ve always pictured it as a place where tourists just lay around on the beach, doing little else. That doesn’t sound like fun to me. As it turns out, that’s a very unfair portrayal of the islands, as I learned first hand during our week-long trip.

We started our trip on Oahu, where we based ourselves in Waikiki. I knew almost immediately that we should have alloted more time to the Big Island and less to Oahu. Honolulu is a big city, with the corresponding traffic and general hustle and bustle. Not really my scene. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to steal away to more quiet locales, such as North Beach, Ko Olina, Waimanalo, and others.

Here were a few of my favorite stops:

The Lost Cache K1: I didn’t watch the TV series “Lost.” But several North Beach locales were featured during filming, including this one. This is a very well hidden cache among beautiful banyan trees.


Geocache: I couldn’t pass up Hawaii’s oldest cache. It’s located at Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area, with lots of other caches nearby. We only had marginal success with those, but I wasn’t going to leave without finding this one. It’s a pretty decent sized hike over often muddy trails to get to the container. But well worth it, in my opinion.


Hanauma Bay EarthCache: Mrs. RC became a huge snorkeling fan during our trip. At Hanauma Bay, we were able to combine that love of snorkeling with our love of caching. This is an absolutely stunning area. Hanauma Bay was once a crater, and this EC will teach you how it changed from crater to bay.


Let him hit it, you’ve got fielders behind you.: There’s long been controversy as to who “invented” baseball. I won’t get into all of that here, but I will say that this cache brings you to the resting place of Alexander Cartwright, who is generally referred to as the father of the modern game.


Patience: You’ve got to see Diamond Head Crater if you visit Oahu. If you do, you can check out a virtual cache, a couple of traditionals and an EarthCache. This cache was my favorite of the group.


USS Arizona WIGO: The main reason for coming to Oahu was to see Pearl Harbor. This Wherigo cache is a great way to tour the grounds. While walking around, I came upon a table where Sterling Cale was signing copies of his book. Mr. Cale is a Pearl Harbor survivor, who served in WWII, Korea and Vietname. What a life he’s had.


Finally, I should mention the Event Cache we hosted while on Oahu. This island is home to a bunch of really, really nice geocachers. We had the great pleasure of spending an evening with many of them. Great people!