Speaking of that CA Fizzy

In my last entry, I noted the goal of completing the CA Fizzy, which requires completing your fizzy grid with caches published prior to April 7, 2007. Those are getting tougher to find as time rolls on. Thankfully, as the Pacific Northwest is geocaching’s birthplace, this area has a higher concentration of older hides.

Which is what inspired our maiden voyage to Anderson Island. It’s definitely not a tourist island. Rather, it’s a fairly sleepy area. But it’s home to some old caches, and a couple of them are very good for the CA Fizzy.

I was most interested in Bushwhacker’s Delight, a 4.5/4 traditional placed in August 2004. With a title like that, I was ready for a long and painful hike into Bramble Town. Thankfully, the actual experience wasn’t as bad as I feared.

The other main target for the day was Fear This: Arachnaphobia, a 5/1.5 traditional placed in September 2004. It’s probably a bit overrated for difficulty, as we found it fairly quickly.

There are a number of other fun caches on the island. In particular, I’d suggest Jacob’s Chimney and Sand Dollar Beach. The first takes you on a nice trail to several caches with views of Mt Rainier as you reach the end of the trail. The second leads you to a nice beach in Andrew Anderson Marine Park.

A view of Mt Rainier

A view of Mt Rainier